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Why Do You Need Eye Cream? Brightening, Moisturizing, Plumping. Eye Cream Does It All

Why Do You Need Eye Cream? Brightening, Moisturizing, Plumping. Eye Cream Does It All

Feb 27th 2020

menopausal model shows how to apply SeeMe Beauty For Your Eyes Only Cream

Yes! This delicate skin deserves special attention!

If you think eye cream is an unnecessary luxury, here’s why you should think again. The right product can work wonders.

Signs of living the good life show up here first

“Besides being extremely thin, the skin around the eyes has fewer oil glands, so wrinkles are more noticeable,” says Kavita Mariwalla MD, a dermatologist based in Long Island. “With menopause, we also lose fat under that delicate skin, along with collagen and elasticity, so lines become visible in this area before they do in other parts of the face.”

Why we love crow’s feet.

Repetitive muscle movements such as smiling, laughing, or squinting eventually etch lines into the skin, giving you crow’s feet. So, in some ways they’re a good sign, right? At first, they appear only when you make a specific expression, but over time the skin loses the ability to spring back quickly, and those lines remain even when your face is at rest. We say, “So what?” But if you’re happier without them, there’s help.

The best ingredients can work like magic

Moisturizer replenishes lost lipids and water on your skin with ingredients like glycerin, panthenol, and plant-based oils such as avocado. That’s essential, but there’s instant gratification involved too. For a quick but noticeable blurring effect, the tiny particles of tapioca, a starch, can fill in fine lines around the eyes, making light bounce off the skin more evenly—which means fewer dark shadows. Talk about magic!

Eye cream can do more than moisturize

Yes, you can multitask with your regular moisturizer. (Just be sure it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, and be extra careful when applying it around your eyes.) That said, it makes sense to use a separate product formulated to target issues such as dark circles, puffiness, or crow’s feet. If puffiness is your problem, look for an eye cream that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients such as cucumber or niacinamide.

To soften lines over time, Mariwalla suggests looking for an eye cream with retinol (if you can tolerate it) or peptides that help to boost collagen production. And artichoke leaf extract (one of the fab five ingredients in all SeeMe Beauty products) has been shown to work better than some cosmetic retinols on mature skin. “For under eye circles, I like vitamin K and vitamin C for brightening.” she says.


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