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What’s So Great About Serum?

What’s So Great About Serum?

Apr 18th 2022

What's  so great about serums? image of SeeMe Beauty Smooth Out Recovery Serum

We talk a lot about the benefits of our products, and about our test results showing that our SeeMe Complex of ingredients has been shown to work faster than even retinol on estrogen depleted skin. But we still get asked, “If I use the moisturizer with the SeeMe Complex in it, is there any benefit to using the serum too?” And the answer is yes! Here are 3 reasons that you should feel great about adding serum to your skincare regimen.

Concentration of Ingredients

Serums are often formulated for a specific purpose, they aren’t really meant to be a one size fits all kind of solution. Meaning, they often have higher concentrations of targeted ingredients vs. lower concentrations of a full laundry list of ingredients. By focusing on more targeted ingredient content, serum formulas can really push the limits of effectiveness at treating specific concerns. For example, our serum has the highest level of artichoke in any of our products. So, even though the SeeMe Complex is working hard for you in all of our products, it does not mean that the amount of each ingredient is the same in every product. By design. They are meant to accomplish different things in your skin! Layering on the serum really delivers an extra punch of artichoke to maximize the results that we are able to give you, because we are not trying to do everything with just one formula.

Penetration of Ingredients

While moisturizers are meant to help reinforce our skin’s natural barrier function, serums are really meant to penetrate the skin to deliver those targeted ingredients more deeply where your body can use them most effectively. What? In other words, moisturizers are meant to work their magic most effectively on the surface of your skin. The name really says it all, they are there to keep moisture in and deliver more moisture and some awesome ingredients to the top layers of your skin. Serums on the other hand, are formulated to have less of those ingredients that keep them on the surface of your skin. You may have noticed that serums tend to feel lighter and even runnier than moisturizers? This is no accident. They are designed this way so that they can better penetrate the top layers and get those ingredients down into the layers of your skin. Reducing the concentrations of some of the ingredients meant to perform at the surface of your skin allows the entire serum formula to be most effective at targeted performance. Think of serum as the special forces unit in your skincare army.


So, I have given you the science behind why we love our serum, but don’t take our word for it. We have so many reviews that testify to the noticeable results that our serum can deliver. Here are just a couple from real people just like you, NOT paid or reimbursed folks.

This product has visibly softened by skin and my skin both feels and looks better 

for someone in their late 40s!”

“Love this Serum. It isn’t too thick, and not too thin. 

Goes on beautifully and has really improved the texture of my skin.”

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