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Unexpected Symptoms of Menopause

Unexpected Symptoms of Menopause

Oct 15th 2021

Hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats – we hear all about the symptoms of menopause to expect as we get older. However, there are a few things that may throw you for a bit of a loop when you start to notice changes. Here are some unexpected symptoms that can occur between the ages of 35-59.

  • Insomnia It might seem like menopause should be the time when you’re most rested, right? You’re no longer beholden to the schedule of soccer games or school drop-off, so it’s your time to sleep, right? Not so fast. Sleeplessness can be a significant menopause symptom, says reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Lila Schmidt. “Many women reaching menopause have trouble sleeping, because their estrogen levels are dropping and the temperature control in their brain has trouble functioning,” she explains. “You might wake up and have a hot flash and then be unable to fall back asleep.” To combat this symptom, make sure your bedroom is cool!
  • Dry and itchy skin Unfortunately, this is one of which we’re well aware. Blame the fact that your ovaries are producing less estrogen. Without it, skin can become tight and itchy, especially at night when you’re sleeping. Battle it by applying moisturizer daily.
  • Thinning hair Once again, this symptom can be blamed on estrogen — or lack thereof. “Everything is related to your estrogen dropping,” Schmidt says. Also, because your skin is drier, your scalp may be dry as well. Try using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Memory and problem-solving issues Menopause also influences language skills and other functions related to memory. As your estrogen levels drop, you may have difficulty remembering new information or retrieving what’s already in your head. The insomnia that accompanies menopause doesn’t help. It’s harder to concentrate when you’re fatigued, Schmidt says.

Thankfully, one thing you won’t have to worry about is your skin. SeeMe’s effective SeeMe Complex is formulated specifically with estrogen-depleted skin in mind, so you can enjoy deep hydration, enhanced firmness, reduced inflammation, and a brighter, more visibly even-toned complexion.


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