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The best ingredients for peri-menopausal skin – Skin Care for the rest of your life

The best ingredients for peri-menopausal skin – Skin Care for the rest of your life

May 24th 2022

Best Ingredients for Peri-Menopausal skin. Image of hand holding an artichoke, turmeric, dill , avocado and lemon

After years of research talking to women of all ages, it became obvious that once women reached their 40’s and 50’s they were all saying the same thing: “My skin care products just seemed to stop working!” Their “graveyard” of skin care products continued to grow as they searched and tried new products only to be disappointed with the results. It turns out we were all correct! The products and ingredients we were using worked great on our younger skin were no longer having the same effect, and this has been clinically proven. The reason for this is caused by estrogen loss, which impacts the five genomic hormonal pathways of aging skin . We’ve found 5 effective ingredients that address these pathways that lead to accelerated skin aging in estrogen depleted skin. We used these ingredients to create the SeeMe complex that is found in each of our skin treatment products. We have demonstrated in clinical testing that the SeeMe Complex can help women have healthy vibrant beautiful skin through menopause and beyond!

Introducing the SeeMe Complex:

  1. Artichoke Leaf Extract: The hero ingredient of the SeeMe complex! We call this our hero because it has an unexpected result on estrogen depleted skin. It actually works better and faster on older skin than it does on younger skin! Most skin ingredients don’t work as well as we approach menopause but artichoke is extremely effective at reducing inflammation brought on by loss of estrogen – so it works better when we need it the most!
  2. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): Another powerhouse ingredient that increases cellular energy. Our skin cells need energy to function properly. Cellular energy helps old skin cells act more like younger skin cells, and speeds skin turnover and improves skin’s barrier function for brighter more radiant looking skin.
  3. Avocado oil: This ingredient helps replace the natural oils and lipids that start to decline as we age. This helps keep our skin moist and firm.
  4. Dill Extract: With loss of estrogen we are not producing as much healthy collagen as we used to. It’s important to protect and maintain the collage we have, and naturally stimulate it. Good hydration and Dill extract have been shown to improve collagen production for firmer skin.
  5. Turmeric: As we lose estrogen our stratum corneum, or skin barrier thins. That means good things like moisture can get out of our skin, and more bad things, like free radicals can get in. Recall free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage cells. Turmeric is a powerful anti-oxidant that neutralize free radicals before they can do their damage.

At SeeMe, we chose these five pathways to address because we know we can affect them with the ingredients we have in our tool box. While we are not going to change the laws of gravity, or your bone structure with a cream, the 5 hormonal pathways are things we can do something about to allow your skin to be as healthy and beautiful as you are!


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