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SeeMe Beauty Models Share Their Favorite Skin Care Products. Paraben, Sulfate, Hormone Free

SeeMe Beauty Models Share Their Favorite Skin Care Products. Paraben, Sulfate, Hormone Free

Aug 17th 2020

Meet the SeeMe Beauty Models: Discover their top SeeMe Beauty Skin Care

“I love using the  Smooth out Recovery serum in the morning on my way to work. The serum goes on easy and non-greasy and leaves my face and neck silky smooth and feels like it had a mini lift. My foundation goes on nice and easy and I’m out the door ready to face the day.

At night, after I clean my face, I like to apply the  Sweet Dreams Night Cream to my face and neck smoothing in the cream with both hands. After I apply, I place both hands on my face for a moment and enjoy the light fragrant scent of lavender; taking a moment to reflect on all that was accomplished during the day. My face is refreshed and ready for its overnight renewal."

older plus-size model

Trina, SeeMe Beauty Model

“I had moderate acne as a teen and have fair, sensitive skin so I take my routine very seriously. In the morning, I use a gentle cleanser followed by a toner. From there, I apply the  SeeMe Beauty Smooth Out Recovery Serum as it is super hydrating, followed by a light moisturizer with SPF (waiting for the one from SeeMe Beauty!).

In the evening, I do the same initial three steps as in the morning - gentle cleanser followed by a toner and  SeeMe Beauty Smooth Out Recovery Serum. I apply the Sweet Dreams Night Cream, which is very rich nighttime moisturizer, I especially love the scent of the cream at night because it’s so relaxing!”.

Senior woman with beautiful skin holding SeeMe Beauty Smooth Out Recovery Serum

Lia, SeeMe Beauty Model

“My skin is super sensitive, so it has taken me awhile to find products that don’t freak my face out. I am very involved on my skin care routine. Here is what I do twice a day, morning and night: I cleanse, usually something mild and rarely the same brand/form because I like to experiment. Then I use SKII Facial Treatment Essence, followed by the  SeeMe Beauty Smooth Out Recovery Serum, this makes my skin look more vibrant and feel more alive!. Then I use the Call Me Hydra Cream, followed by an SPF – or the Sweet Dream Night Cream at night. I do a mask weekly for hydration; sometimes twice a week if I am travelling internationally, although that hasn’t happened in a while with this pandemic!"

Lady over 50 with beautiful skin and SeeMe Beauty Call Me Hydra Cream

Kelly, SeeMe Beauty Model

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