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SeeMe Beauty & AARP Disrupt Aging®: Beauty & Aging Conversation with Leading Experts
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SeeMe Beauty & AARP Disrupt Aging®: Beauty & Aging Conversation with Leading Experts

Nov 30th 2020

SeeMe Beauty & AARP Disrupt Aging®: Beauty & Aging Conversation with Leading Experts



Have you ever felt it? The twinge of an eyeroll when you see an ad for an “anti-aging” skin care product being used by a model who is clearly in her early 20’s? While an excellent skin care routine and ultimately the prevention of the effects of aging is certainly a lesson we want to pass on to our younger peers, we women in our 40’s and beyond deserve representation, too! After all, we are the wiser, more experienced generation.

But just when we are hitting an age where we should be having more conversations about what changes are happening to our bodies, many women keep their experiences to themselves and surrender to the myths surrounding menopause and aging.

AARP's DisruptAging® and SeeMe Beauty gathered Barbara Grufferman, Shirley Weir, Yvette Pena, Denise Pines and our own Christi Putman (SeeMe Co-founder) for the Disrupt Aging Roundtable. This open and honest conversation, moderated by Michelle Lee, editor in chief of Allure, will shed the myths, assuage your fears and answer the questions you may not have thought to ask.

After watching, we think you’ll agree. It’s time to change the conversation women are having as they age. The founders of SeeMe Beauty felt the exact same way: where are the products made to work for me? Where are the models who look like me? How can I trust a product to work on my 45 year old skin when the model “using” it appears to be half my age? Christi Putman, Tiffanie Papp and Alexis Schrimpf agreed: it was time to take the years of skin care research they honed during their Procter & Gamble careers and developed SeeMe Beauty a skin care line for women experiencing estrogen loss—the culprit of perimenopause & menopause.  SeeMe Beauty Complex has unique ingredients proven to work better on older skin than younger.

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