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One Magical Way to Tackle Dry Skin from Menopause: 5 Night Cream Benefits

One Magical Way to Tackle Dry Skin from Menopause: 5 Night Cream Benefits

Jan 30th 2020

products like SeeMe Beauty's Sweet Dreams Night Cream can help repair your skin overnight

5 important ways skin care works differently while you sleep.

You work hard to take the best care of your skin. Why not let your skin care products do a little heavy lifting for you while you rest? Here’s how common night cream ingredients give a whole new meaning to beauty sleep. They can…

…Brighten you up

Antioxidants, like vitamins C, B, and E, can help you achieve a glow come morning by helping fight damage caused by free-radicals from the sun’s harmful rays. We’re especially big fans of B3 (niacinamide) found in SeeMe Beauty’s Sweet Dreams Night Cream, because it diminishes the appearance of age spots, pores, and fine lines.

…Smooth wrinkles

Retinol, the hard-working vitamin A derivative shown to help minimize wrinkles and improve skin’s texture, is a terrific addition to your evening skin care routine (it’s deactivated by the sun). If your skin won’t tolerate a retinol, you should know that artichoke leaf extract (a go-to ingredient in SeeMe Beauty’s Sweet Dreams Night Cream) has been shown to perform overall as well with less irritation as some cosmetic retinols on mature skin.

…Increase firmness

For added bounce and resilience, look no further than wonder ingredient dill extract. Yes, it's a popular herb in the kitchen, but studies have shown it also works magic as a natural antioxidant for the skin, providing necessary hydration to reinforce skin’s elasticity and feeling of firmness while it also improves overall appearance.

…Banish dryness

Night creams packed with moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid and glycerin (both of which are key ingredients in SeeMe Beauty’s Sweet Dreams Night Cream) can help keep your skin hydrated and looking plump. Research has shown that hyaluronic acid has a unique capacity in retaining water, according to one 2012 report.

…Freshen your complexion

When you’re upgrading your P.M. skincare routine, consider adding a product with avocado oil. It’s rich in linoleic acid and can act as an exfoliator to help revive the look of dry, dull skin by increasing surface cell turnover to reveal a fresher complexion underneath. While you may not see results overnight, don’t give up. Sleep on it! In time—it can take up to four weeks for results to appear—you’ll wake looking as vital and radiant as you feel.


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