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New Year, New You:  5 Secrets to Great Skincare Habits!

New Year, New You: 5 Secrets to Great Skincare Habits!

Jan 4th 2021

The Magic of a Routine

There are so many benefits to using your skincare products regularly and consistently. If you want to get all the benefits that your products say they offer (stick with us here), you have to actually use them. Regularly. BUT don’t give up on us yet. Building a new habit may not be as hard as you think.

Keep it Simple

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Research shows that keeping your goals attainable will increase the likelihood that you will stick with it long enough to achieve those goals. If you don’t even wash your face right now, investing in a 12 step $500 skincare routine is NOT the right place to start. Start by adding one to two steps at a time. Add a new night time moisturizer in addition to your day time moisturizer, for example.

Do it Daily

Repeating a new habit daily increases the chances that the habit will stick. It’s not rocket science here – it’s just that you are less likely to forget it if you do it daily. The longer the repeat interval of the habit, the harder it is to remember to do it each day. So, don’t kick off your new resolution by committing to do something once a month. Commit to putting on eye cream every night before bed if you don’t yet use eye products. Those studies that show how well it works are counting on it!

Relate Your New Habit to an Existing Habit

If you take a bath or shower regularly, you could build on that habit by adding a cleansing or masking step to your shower time, followed by a moisturizer after. You are already into the rhythm of bathing, so use that habit as a trigger to help remind you of your new habit to increase the chances that you won’t forget. After your cleanser and moisturizer become a habit then you can add a serum or treatment to keep improving on your game.

Aspire to be your Best

Try to find products that you love using and that give you results that you feel great about. We chose the revitalizing scent in our SeeMe products specifically because it makes us feel so great while we are using our products, and after. Enjoying this time of self care each and every day gives you something to look forward to and if you are looking forward to it, you are far less likely to forget it!

Enjoy and Commit

Don’t get us wrong, there are lots of habits that may break one of these rules but make our lives so much better. We love our weekly mask time as much as anyone, for example. Nothing makes the world melt away like a hot bath and quiet time for that deep cleanse with our mask. Committing to carving out time for the self-care that we need is an important habit that helps us all reset and be better. And we think that all of us should commit to living 2021 as our very best selves.


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