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Menopause & Dry Skin: 5 Ways Your Skin Has Changed & What to Do Now

Menopause & Dry Skin: 5 Ways Your Skin Has Changed & What to Do Now

Dec 14th 2019

a menopausal woman with great skin

If you’re in perimenopause or beyond, you’re producing less estrogen. And as you may have noticed, that can have a visible impact.

Your Skin is Not As Hydrated

Your Skin Is Not As Hydrated: “A decrease in estrogen makes skin drier, so fine lines and wrinkles are more apparent,” says Montclair, NJ, dermatologist Jeanine Downie, M.D. But there’s no need to throw in the towel and just accept this as your fate. The trick to keeping skin supple and minimizing the look of lines is finding an effective moisturizer you love (look for one containing ingredients such as avocado oil and niacinamide, like SeeMe Call Me Hydra-Cream) and smoothing it on it twice a day.

Your Skin Repairs Slower

It Repairs Slower: “This happens to all of us as we age,” Downie says. “Our wound healing ability decreases after our early 20s.” Translation: Skin may bruise more easily or it could take longer for a breakout to resolve. Make skin more resilient in the present by adding a product to your routine containing mineral-rich dill extract or niacinamide (both of which are in the SeeMe Complex™ in all SeeMe Beauty products).

Your Skin is More Sensitive

It’s More Sensitive: You may wake up one day and discover that the skin care products you’ve used with absolutely zero problems in the past are now making your complexion extremely pissed off. Redness and inflammation occur because in perimenopause, skin becomes more reactive. “This is due partially because of dryness related to lower estrogen and partially because of changes in pH,” says New York dermatologist Michele Farber, M.D., of Schweiger Dermatology Group Get back on your skin’s good side by keeping it hydrated and trying to avoid potential irritants like parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances. (SeeMe Beauty products contain none of these!)

Your Skin is Less Resilient

It’s Less Resilient: Collagen and elastin are the scaffolding that support the skin. When you’re producing less estrogen, though, you’re producing less of them, and as a result, skin can become lax and less plump. But you don’t have to be livin’ on a prayer. Help skin bounce back with a collagen-stimulating retinol or an ingredient that performs as well as retinol on mature skin (like artichoke leaf extract in the SeeMe Complex™).

Your Skin is Thinner

It’s Thinner: When the skin barrier isn’t as thick as it once was, it’s way easier for moisture to escape and things you don’t want (think: pollution, free radicals, irritants) to sneak in. Don’t let that happen. Instead, fight back with free radical-quashing antioxidants, such as artichoke leaf extract and turmeric, as well as a proven hydrator, like hyaluronic acid (all powerhouse ingredients in SeeMe Call Me Hydra-Cream and Smooth Out Recovery Serum).

Sure, your skin may need an assist right now, but with some topical TLC, you’ll be seeing a happier face in the mirror in no time!


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