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Meet The Faces Behind Your Favorite SeeMe Beauty Products And Discover Their Top Skin Care Picks!

Meet The Faces Behind Your Favorite SeeMe Beauty Products And Discover Their Top Skin Care Picks!

Aug 3rd 2020

“When I was younger, I had combination/oily skin that was prone to acne. Imagine my surprise when, in my forties, I began to notice that my skin became dramatically drier, and now I have more “age spots.” I’ve found that the SeeMe Beauty products really help my skin look and feel more like it did when I was younger. My very favorite is the Smooth Out Recovery Serum. It is seriously addicting, and light enough to be used everyday under make up. I also love the Sweet Dreams Night Cream. It’s super hydrating and when I wake up my skin still feels protected, hydrated and firm.”

Lady on her 50s at the lab with natural ingredients

Christi, Co-Founder

“When I was in my 20s I had smooth even toned skin. But as I got closer to 50 all of that changed dramatically. I started to notice the skin routine I was using didn’t have the same effects I had come to rely on. Because of that, I love how our skin care products have helped my skin look and feel better than it has in years. It is hard to pick a favorite, but if I have to, I love the Sweet Dreams Night Cream. Unlike other nighttime moisturizers, it isn’t sticky and I find the natural lavender fragrance relaxing before bed.”

Tiffanie, Co-Founder

“As a woman with Mediterranean skin, I have always struggled with uneven texture and tone. And that's only increased as I have gotten older. Because of that I am a huge fan of our  Smooth Out Recovery Serum – and I don't start a day without it! I love it so much, I make sure I have another pump waiting in the wings – just so I don't lose a day. From there I add Call Me Hydra Cream in the morning and Sweet Dreams at night. But for me, it all starts with Smooth Out Recovery Serum!”

Alexis, Co-Founder


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