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Meet More Members of the SeeMe Beauty Skin Care Team – More SeeMe Complex Fanatics.

Meet More Members of the SeeMe Beauty Skin Care Team – More SeeMe Complex Fanatics.

Sep 14th 2020

“I was not very involved in my skin care routine until probably 10 years ago. I do have fair, sensitive skin and I assumed, the less did to my face, the less chances I had to screw it. However, once I turned 40, I began to dedicate more time to my skin care routine as I starting working in Beauty Care and had access to more information. I have been using SeeMe Beauty products for the past year+ and I can tell you people say I do not look my age and I turned 50 last December!. My preferred product BY FAR is the Smooth Out Recovery Serum, I apply that to my face, neck, chest and back of my hands! And my second favorite is the Sweet Dreams Night Cream. Finally, I found something that is rich but not sticky and it is absorbed quickly, not leaving lotion on my pillowcase!

SeeMe Beauty fan turned 50

Laura, Commercial Leader

At 43 I have developed a love / hate relationship with my hormones. I could blame only estrogen, but I know hormones are more complex than that. I watch my skin change as my hormones shift with the seasons of my life, and I have learned that what I needed for my skin yesterday will not always work today. I have felt my body change with an “advanced maternal age” pregnancy at 35 which resulted in delightful pigmentation changes on my face. I especially loved the dark spot above my lip that looked like a tiny mustache. Super great. I entered peri-menopause at 42 after a fight with breast cancer and, by grace, now I am thriving as a survivor in this new world of Tamoxifen which reduces the hormones available in my body. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by brilliant scientists and formulators who know what this new world of lower estrogen (and even a thinning skin barrier?! Who knew?) means for my skin. They help me understand these changes, and give me amazing ingredients to keep me looking my best. I am thrilled to be a part of See Me Beauty because I whole heartedly believe in our mission of creating effective beauty care products with ingredients from nature that were selected pointedly for their effectiveness on estrogen depleted skin, in order to reduce inflammation, retain more moisture, increase cellular energy, enhance firmness and reduce damage from free radicals.

SeeMe Beauty fan entered perimenopause after cancer treatment

Kristin, Technical Leader

In my teens, I always wanted to be like my friends (and family) who could slather on the baby oil and turn a nice golden bronze. Unlike them, I inherited my mother’s complexion which apparently is traced back to the very Northern tip of England, where they never get sun. Or something like that. All I know, is that if I even think about the sun, I get a sunburn. In addition, my skin is super sensitive, so I’ve always had to use perfume free skin care products.
Now that I’m 43, I’ve learned to slather on the sunscreen, but I still have to use sensitive skin care products. Enter in the reason I LOVE SeeMe Complex: 5 simple ingredients that helps skin recover, replenish, re-hydrate. I had no idea that the reason for my skin care products no longer working, increased breakouts, and overall dull skin could be related to the drop in estrogen related to my age. And that when estrogen drops, your skin composition actually changes! That’s why a lot of skin care products no longer work once you reach perimenopause—you estrogen-depleted skin needs different ingredients. SeeMe Beauty is a simple, perfume free skin care line that has specialized ingredients that enrich estrogen depleted skin better!
I took the SeeMe 4 weeks challenge and am hooked. My face has fewer lines, breakouts, and I rarely wear makeup—because I don’t have to!

Rachel, Acquisition Leader

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