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Love Retinol Cream Results, but not the Retinol Irritation? Consider Artichoke Leaf Extract

Love Retinol Cream Results, but not the Retinol Irritation? Consider Artichoke Leaf Extract

Jul 6th 2020

Retinol Cream Results

How you can get Retinol Cream Results without the Retinol Irritation? Artichoke Extract

Seeing the results on your healthy glowing skin, you might think it’s magic, but there’s no trickery behind the Fab Five SeeMe Complex™ ingredients. Clinical trials—meaning scientific evidence—have proven them to be effective in providing you with healthy, radiant skin through menopause and beyond. Read on to learn more about one of the most remarkable ingredients, artichoke leaf extract, and how this ingredient produces results similar to retinol cream for women over 50.

If you’ve never heard of artichoke leaf extract, you’re not alone. But artichokes have been used for ages in traditional European medicine. Because they’ve been suspected to help with issues related to inflammation, to help diminish the signs of aging, and provide similar effects of retinol, the researchers at SeeMe Beauty scoured the scientific literature, performed laboratory tests, and finally discovered that we could demonstrate the benefits of artichoke leaf extract in a clinical study. This is how we know it’s effective.

But how does artichoke leaf extract work?

Through extensive research we discovered that when it comes to skin health, all parts of the artichoke plant are not created equal. The artichoke leaf provides the majority of skin health benefits because it contains the powerful molecule cynaropicrin (say it with us: cy-na-ro-PIC-rin). Your skin is exposed to insults daily—mainly UVA/UVB damage; these insults trigger repair mechanisms, which in turn trigger inflammation. The inflammation (we call it inflamm-aging, or rapid aging) results in  decreased collagen, which manifests on your face as loss of firmness and an increase in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Not good! But in our research we discovered that cynaropicrin actually blocks the inflammation, which inhibits the triggering process. This is important because it prevents the cascade of events that culminates in loss of collagen. Which means, ultimately, a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and a smoother complexion just like with a retinol cream. In fact, studies have shown artichoke leaf extract to produce similar results as cosmetic retinols in women over 50. And there you have it: the magic—er, the science—of artichoke leaf extract’s awesome effectiveness.

In the world of One Thing Leads to Another, can you think of happier news for your face?

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