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Learning to Embrace Change: It is the only Constant After All

Learning to Embrace Change: It is the only Constant After All

Feb 24th 2022

Learning to Embrace Change. A picture of SeeMe Beauty Regimen

I don’t know about you, but am I the only one that feels like there has been a lot of change going on lately? Maybe more than some of us want! Change can be annoying, and sometimes we are lucky enough for things to just “return to normal”. But sometimes we have to find “a new normal”. A talented speaker I heard last week said something that shifted my view on this topic. He said “have you considered, just considered, that a new normal might actually be better in some ways than the old normal?” Hmm. Ok, yes, it is possible. The more I thought about this, the more I have to admit there is wisdom sometimes in embracing the changes that we can’t seem to make go away. Beauty for me falls into this category. The things that worked for my skin, my hair, and heck, even my weight 20 years ago no longer leave me looking or feeling my best. So, I tapped some of our behavioral change experts at P&G to see how we might embrace the good parts of change while minimizing the difficulties of it. Here is what they suggested:

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t have

In other words, this might mean that I say to myself “I want to shave some pounds off” NOT “Geez, I want to look like I did when I was in my 20s!”. Focusing on shaving some pounds, gives you a goal to start and plenty of ways to tackle it. You can start by walking 20 minutes daily; or avoid foods that have added sugar or switch your snacks to healthier options. Losing weight, for instance is not easy, but it will never happen if we don’t take some action, however small, towards our goal. Which brings us to our second suggestion:

Keep your goals small (ish)

Nothing is more de-motivating than unrealistic goals. BUT few things feel better than making noticeable, measurable progress towards something we want. It’s great to have a big lofty goal like “taking better care of myself”, but research shows that we will actually do that better if we also set smaller, attainable goals that will help us get there. Things like “remember to take time to use my facial moisturizer every night”. After a few weeks of doing that, it should be a new habit and new habits get results! When that habit is formed, it will be easier to add another small step like “take the time to put serum on my face before my moisturizer every night”. Before you know it, you really will be enjoying the results of a whole new routine that works better for you! Which brings us to our third suggestion:

Know when to move on

We hear so many women tell us “my skincare routine is just not working for me anymore” OR “the weather is making my skin so dry and my moisturizer is just not enough anymore”. What we have learned is that it may not actually be the weather or your products that changed. It might just be our skin that has changed. Our bodies do not stay the same over time, and we have shown scientifically that we can get better results when we change how we care for them. It is a good thing to embrace that change and find the best solution for now. Have you ever heard the phrase “when we know better, we do better”? Well, we know better than to stick to a skincare routine that no longer works for us, so let’s all commit to doing better too!


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