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“I wish I’d known…” the best advice I (n)ever received

“I wish I’d known…” the best advice I (n)ever received

May 3rd 2021

I wish I'd known ... the best advice I (n)ever received with a picture of the three SeeMe Beauty Founders

Like it or not, the subject of aging and menopause has always been stamped with a bit of taboo. We started SeeMe Beauty as a reaction to the way the beauty industry treats “women of a certain age,” and while we’re all pretty savvy today on the changes menopause brings, that wasn’t always the case. Here, our staff reflects on some of the advice they got along the way, and some they wish they had.

I was very fortunate as my father was an OB/Gyn and while he was old school (he passed last year at 99.5 years old!), all of the advice he gave me was spot on:

  • Avoid hormone therapy if possible
  • Don’t smoke
  • Use sunscreen
  • Be mindful of what you eat, as you get older the weight creeps up on you
  • Make sure you exercise

–Abby, Brand Support

“Although we never had the menopause conversation, my mom and I are very close and she confides a lot in me (what she is thinking, feeling, experiencing), as I am her only daughter. So, I have learned by listening. Fortunately, my parents are pretty healthy and all my life, my mom has done 20-30 minutes of daily exercise and promoted healthy eating habits. Hence, I grew up very active and cooking at home, to guarantee we eat healthy and fresh.”

–Laura, Commercial Leader

“As someone who has undergone treatment for breast cancer, I honestly have no idea what is a "side effect" and what is menopause. Because my body will still go through typical menopause, I won't know it probably since my meds already give me those symptoms. None of my doctors talk about any of this, and while I have asked questions, and they really don’t give me answers. it's not that I'm not seeking guidance, but I can’t help but want more than "let me know when your periods have been gone for a year and we will reevaluate.”

–Kristin, Technical Leader

“I wish I had known that perimenopause would be so impactful on my life and my body. When I was younger, I knew very little about menopause and naively thought that someday my periods would just stop and that would be nice. I had no idea that nearly a decade before menopause my periods would become highly irregular, my skin would start changing rapidly, and my energy levels would start to fluctuate. I would recommend that women who are approaching perimenopause consult with their gynecologists, dermatologists and other professionals that can help you care for yourself as you are going through this change.”

–Christi, Founder

“My mom always 100% believed that we could do anything we wanted to do - whatever we wanted to try or do - she said – just do it and believe in yourself. In terms of approaching menopause and aging, I have always looked at it as ‘another decade, another milestone - look at all I’ve accomplished!’ You’re either getting older or you are dead, and I get frustrated with the negative attitudes towards aging – to be able to age is a privilege and something to celebrate.”

–Tiffanie, Founder


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