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How to educate yourself on skin health

How to educate yourself on skin health

Mar 26th 2021

How to educate yourself on skin health? Know your skin health. SeeMe Model applying serum on her face.

From hyaluronic acid to ceramides to niacinamide, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to skin care. But no matter your age, its hugely important to stay in-the-know when it comes to your skin. The body’s biggest organ, your skin serves as your body’s best defense against the elements. When healthy, its layers work hard to protect us. But when it’s compromised, the skin’s ability to work as an effective barrier is impaired.

They say knowledge is the best weapon, and in this case, the old adage rings true. But when you want to get educated, where do you start? Here are a few tips to help boost your skin-telligence.

  1. Learn to love labels – at SeeMe Beauty, we created our first-of-its-kind line with ingredients found in nature – artichoke leaf extract, avocado oil, Vitamin B3 and more. But do you know what’s in all your skincare products? To get a firm grasp, gather together all of your skin care and look up each ingredient. Take some time to understand the function each the ingredient has and whether it’s beneficial for your skin type . You may find that what you think is working may not actually be beneficial to your skin type.
  2. Keep a captain’s log – filling your brain with knowledge about your products’ ingredients is one thing, but actually documenting what they’re doing for your skin is another thing entirely. Because your skin chemistry is unique to you, it’s important to contextualize your product knowledge. By detailing your experience with each product, you can narrow down which specific ingredients and formulations can work (or not work, in some cases) for you.
  3. Stay social – don’t have time to make it to the dermatologist regularly? Skipping your spa facials? Social media to the rescue! While it’s of course important to maintain your regular appointments and speak to a dermatologist with any specific concerns, social media can help expand your knowledge base in a big way. From makeup artists to estheticians to amateur beauty lovers, the internet has enabled a wide variety of skincare afficionados to share their experiences and expertise.

With the web at your fingertips, becoming a skin expert is easier than ever – so there’s no excuse for staying in the dark when it comes to what’s best for your skin. 


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