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For Healthy Skin During Menopause, Consider the Power of a PM Skin Care Routine

For Healthy Skin During Menopause, Consider the Power of a PM Skin Care Routine

Nov 2nd 2020

For Healthy Skin During Menopause, Consider the Power of a PM Skin Care Routine

Your pre-bedtime guide to waking up glowing.

While it may be tempting (meaning, easy) to follow the same skin care regimen at night that you do in the morning, creating a customized plan that helps repair and nourish your skin while you sleep can make all the difference. The key: Focus on ingredients that work their magic best in the evening.

Special treatment

The vitamin A derivative retinol—which has been shown to minimize fine lines and wrinkles—is recommended for nighttime use because the sun diminishes its effectiveness. But retinols can be irritating; if that’s the case for you, try a cream with artichoke leaf extract (found in  SeeMe’s Sweet Dreams Night Cream), which has been shown to work as well as cosmetic retinols on mature skin with less irritation.


When coupled with a morning routine, using night creams before bed has been shown to help improve the skin’s elasticity. One report looked at several daytime and nighttime skin care regimens and found that when subjects stuck to a regimen that included an antioxidant-rich night cream their skin showed marked improvement in elasticity and bounce after just 28 days.

Damage control

Because your skin benefits most at bedtime from ingredients that help repair damage done during the day, why not go for the best of the bunch? Choose a night cream packed with turmeric and avocado oil. ( SeeMe Beauty’s SeeMe Complex contains both, just so you know.)

Moisture boost

Another night cream benefit: One study revealed that when women used a night cream containing vitamin E and niacinamide (which is—you guessed it—also in the  SeeMe Beauty SeeMe Complex) they showed a significant increase in their skin’s ability to retain moisture after nearly two months of consistent use. More proof that giving your complexion what it needs while you sleep can lead to healthy, round-the-clock radiance.

And that is how you can get ready to sleep your way to skin that glows!

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