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Don't Let Stress Wreck Your Complexion! 5 Great Tips for Keeping Stress Away

Don't Let Stress Wreck Your Complexion! 5 Great Tips for Keeping Stress Away

Dec 18th 2019

Stress impacts skin health

Put your best face forward all season long

The last thing you need when you’re buried under a mountain of deadlines or anxious about hosting family for the holidays is for all that stress to show up on your face. If your skin rebels at the worst possible moments, take a break and treat yourself to a little self-care. Research shows that stress-relieving activities will help your skin look refreshed, too. Here, five face-saving stressbusters to try now.

Have a massage

A review in the International Journal of Neuroscience found that after participants had a massage, their levels of stress hormones like cortisol decreased by 31 percent. Why does that matter? Increased levels of cortisol have been linked to several skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Find a friend, ask your husband, or treat yourself to a masseuse--whoever is willing.

Book a facial

If skin problems are stressing you out, a soothing facial massage may be just the thing you need to stop an aggravating cycle: stress causes breakouts, breakouts cause more stress, and so on. One study found that a 45-minute facial lessened feelings of anxiety.

Meditate on it

Developing a regular meditation practice can help tamp down stress and alleviate skin issues. A study in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine discovered that among psoriasis patients who underwent phototherapy, those who listened to a mindfulness meditation during treatment needed 40 percent less light therapy than non-meditators.

Sign up for yoga

According to the Mayo Clinic, yoga has been found to reduce stress and alleviate many chronic conditions, including insomnia. Getting better sleep matters: A solid night’s rest can help reduce inflammation, which may trigger breakouts.

Bring the spa home

Transform your bathroom into a spa with a little aromatherapy, like lavender—one of the natural fragrances in SeeMe Beauty products—which has been shown to help soothe mind and body. Plus, slipping away during the holiday frenzy for a warm soak can help release tension that’s built up during the day. It’ll be a welcome reminder that when you make time for you, your body—and your face—will be better for it.


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