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Day Creams vs. Night Creams: What's the Difference? Use Both for the Best Treatment of Wrinkles

Day Creams vs. Night Creams: What's the Difference? Use Both for the Best Treatment of Wrinkles

Jan 17th 2020

Night cream should be dedicated to surface cell renewal and repair.

They both moisturize, but day and night creams are specifically formulated to meet the varying environmental and biological experiences our skin goes through 24 hours a day.

It’s a question many of us ask: Do I really need a different moisturizer at night? Simply put, YES, you do. The focus of your daytime skincare products (like SeeMe Call Me Hydra-Cream) should be to protect, treat, and help prevent further damage to your skin; at night, however, you want your cream to be dedicated to surface cell renewal and repair. That’s because when it’s light out, your skin is in defense mode, warding off free-radical damage from the sun and pollution—and so the moisturizers and serums you use should contain antioxidants, like artichoke leaf extract and potent hydrators, such as hyaluronic acid, that will strengthen and support the skin in its battle with the elements.

All Night Long…

But once we’re between the sheets, our body is no longer exposed to those factors, and our skin can naturally repair itself as we sleep. At this point, you want ingredients in a moisturizer that will boost the regeneration that’s already occurring. Top on the list: retinol, which research has shown can help stimulate cell turnover and collagen production and even help reverse the visible signs of sun damage or artichoke leaf extract, which has been shown to be as effective as cosmetic retinols on mature skin. Also helpful are peptides which can hydrate to firm skin and help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. SeeMe Beauty Sweet Dreams Night Cream is packed with higher levels than the day cream of glycerin, niacinamide, and artichoke leaf extract to give your skin its most powerful nighttime boost.

What’s Weight Got to Do With It?

Another common difference between the two creams: Their weight. Night creams tend to be heavier than daytime ones, and for good reason: our skin naturally loses water at night, so a thicker cream can help seal in moisture along with the active ingredients. Also, depending on your skin type or the season—cold winter air is notorious for stripping skin of moisture—you may need extra hydration. For day, try SeeMe Call Me Hydra-Cream, for intense hydration with a luxurious, cloud-like texture that works beautifully under makeup. At night, slather on SeeMe Beauty Sweet Dreams Night Cream to wake up with a gloriously smooth and hydrated complexion.


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